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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. At what time is the event?
A. Please arrive by 11:30am as registration will close.
- Open to public : 9:30am
- Full/Dual/Midi/Mini races start : 12noon
- Wheelchair race starts : 2pm
- All racing ends : 5pm
- Circuit closes : 6pm

Q. How long is a marathon?
A. Historically the length of a marathon has changed quite a bit but in 1921 it was agreed on 42.195 km (26.2187 miles). Luckily 11 laps of Goodwood Motor Circuit equals 26.62 miles which is perfect for us. However! We are now running four races of different lengths...
Name# LapsMilesKilometres

Q. Do I have to do the full race?
A. Not at all, although you may as well complete the lap you are on. If you are worried about not completing it then you could always get sponsored per lap or sign up to a shorter race.

Q. What if I do more laps than the race I entered?
A. You will only be timed for the number of laps you entered for so if you think you will do 8 laps it's worth entering the Full marathon instead of the Midi. No matter what race your in your welcome to "warm down" after your race by doing extra laps but please be aware that other people are still actively racing.

Q. Is there any age limit on competitors?
A. No there is no age limit on who can do the marathon, If they can skate safely and unaccompanied for 2.42 miles (one lap) then they are fine. If you want to accompany your child you must have skates (or skateboard/scooter etc) and you must register for the event. No one is allowed on the track without a race number.

Q. What if I don't want to get sponsored?
A. This is not a problem, obviously we would love you to get sponsored and raise money for charity but you can just pay your entrance fee and race. Profit from the race will go to charity as well.

Q. Can I be sponsored but for my own charity?
A. We would obviously love you to raise money for the NSPCC but we quite understand that you wish to support your own causes and that is fine. Your entrance fee will still go to the NSPCC. We love to be the inspiration for raising more money so please do let us know how much you raised so we can add it to our big total at the end. If you want to be sponsored online and pick your own charity you can use this link from Virgin Money Giving.

Q. Why should I register in advance?
A. There are many advantages to you and us by registering in advance. The earlier you register the more likely you are to get a place in your chosen race, a medal and chip as well as being cheaper. This leaves you money for the important things at Goodwood such as a T-shirt and Ice Cream ;-) It also allow us as organisers to budget better for the event and prepare in advance for the day.

Q. I only have XYZ skates?
A. All skaters are welcome to participate, quad, inline, speed, hockey, rollerskis (rubber tipped ski poles only please) and even aggressive skates if you wish.

Q. Can I do it on a skateboard or longboard?
A. Yes, no problem at all. In fact we would like to encourage more skateboarders and longboarders along but don't know many groups, if you can help point us in the right direction please contact us.

Q. Can I do it on a BMX or other bicycle?
A. I'm afraid not. We are limiting this race to non powered, small wheeled transport.

Q. How hilly is the track?
A. The track is almost as flat as you can get mainly due to it being around an airfield, there are certainly no huge hills. One corner of the track is slightly higher than the other, according to Google Earth the difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the 2.42 mile track is 36 feet.

Q. Are dogs allowed at the circuit?
A. We are afraid that following a few people not clearing up their mess in previous years we will now have to stop dogs from attending the event. We are sorry that a few can spoil it for others but hope you understand.

Q. If I'm being chip timed how will I know my results?
A. Some information will be available on the day and all results will be posted up to this website as quickly as possible after the race including your individual lap times.

Q. What facilities are there at Goodwood Motor Circuit?
A. Goodwood Motor circuit has free parking, toilets and an onsite burger van to purchase food and drink on the day, however you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink. It maybe worth spectators bringing their own portable chair or picnic rug. Please do not bring BBQs as these are not permitted to be used on Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Q. Will there be water available
A. Yes, free water is available to all racers on the far side of the track as you go around.

Q. What if there is an accident?
A. Emergency First Aid will be provided by St Johns Ambulance trained staff with backup support from a number of fully first aid trained marshals.

Q. What if it rains on the day?
A. The event will go ahead as planned unless it is dangerous to do so.

Q. What happens if I'm late, will I still be able to race?
A. The Marathon will start at 12noon, we advise everyone to get there before 11am to allow time to register. If you arrive late you will still be able to participate however you will not have any form of timing and still have to complete the marathon by 5pm.

Q. Are there lockers or anywhere to store a bag?
A. I'm afraid there is no where to store bags at Goodwood. You are welcome to skate on the track with a rucksack or maybe find someone you trust attending Goodwood with a car who can store your stuff for you.

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