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Last year we said "Goodwood 2009 has to go down as the best that we, Cskate, have done so far". Goodwood Roller Marathon 2010 not only exceeded 2009 in terms of participant numbers, but all our expectations as well.

Held on 8th of August, superb weather greeted us once more. Some sun, a little cloud, and a light to moderate wind, albeit one that couldn't make up its mind which way to blow. Once again we chose the NSPCC as our charity to support. We also stayed with last year's distances format, the dual (or double marathon), full marathon, half marathon and a 2 lap mini-marathon.

The water stop switched from cups to bottles in 2009, and proved successful enough to continue with it this year. We handed out a tonne of water to help keep you all hydrated. We had a very high percentage of first timers again, many on quad skates. This was undoubtedly down to the increasing popularity of Roller Derby. Of course, it is also gratifying to see so many faces returning year after year.

Once again we have to thank all those who gave their time and effort so readily. Without your efforts Goodwood would not function as smoothly as it does

Time to talk sponsorship money. It was obvious from the early days of registration that numbers would be up again this year. But an increase of over 200 skaters from 2009, with over 700 starters, even took us by surprise. This increase has also made a difference to final sponsorship total. Our calculations suggest the following money was raised for the NSPCC and other charities

Total for the NSPCC: £14,595.72
Total raised for other charities: £9,683.20
Grand total for all charities and GiftAid: £31,077.02

To all who took part in this fantastic day to raise money for a good cause and hopefully pushed your selves to new goals and or targets, thank you and we hope to see you all at the next Goodwood Roller Marathon.

And finally, a first for us, a poem sent to us from Suzanne Lott after our event this year. Thank you.


A Goodwood virgin
I am, no more;
I rolled my laps
And lost the score!
The sun beat down
And burnt my skin
As deft speed skaters
Wove out and in.
There were roller skates
And skate boards too,
With awesome trikes -
Though just a few.
Fish and chips rolled
With Smurf men, blue
Plus a yellow chick
And beat box crew.
The lanky giraffe
Saw Elvis reborn
Whilst Superwoman's "flight"
Had got up and gone!!
The half marathon
Was my aim,
With three weeks prep
Before I came.
Four measly miles
My previous best,
So at fifty-two
Goodwood was a test.
On the day
I got it wrong
Each endless lap
Seemed sooo long;
Eleven I thought,
You see, was half
And I'd done six
When I knew my gaff!
So one more lap
I did for luck;
Double marathoners
Have got such pluck!

The great atmosphere
Was so coooool..
(In spite of blisters, cruel).
An inspiring mix
Of youth with olds, 
The super-talented
Sped past novices bold
Men and women;
The tall and the short
A wonderful mix
This challenge brought.
Was nominated
As the benefactor 
Their kindly staff
Were there in force. 
Inspiring us
To earn, of course.

Even the marshals
And water station folk
Encouraged us
Each time they spoke.

Next year for me
The full Eleven,
Minus antique blades
Will be roller heaven.
I recommend this fab day to you
For like our wheels,
Goodwood Festival
Of Small Wheels, just flew.

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